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Help – July 2024 Honeymoon

My fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon for next July (2024), but we aren't sure where to start! We want something where we can relax on a beach, but also do some fun activities (whether hiking, rock climbing, parasailing and other water activities, that kind of thing).

As far as I know, weather in the Caribbean can be hit or miss in summer, but we're located near Toronto in Canada and don't want to have too long a flight. We have considered Europe as well, with one of Portugal, Spain, Italy, or Greece under consideration, but that is a bit further of a flight than we'd ideally want.

With all that in mind, we are a bit stumped on where to start, as well as on whether inclusive resorts are worth it compared to resorts that aren't (neither of us drink alcohol and it seems like that's usually a main component of the inclusivity?). Our budget is fairly flexible to go somewhere nice since we aren't doing a formal wedding or etc and want to have a memorable trip instead.

Any ideas or advice would be awesome!

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