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Help! Looking for fun ideas for last-minute honeymoon (US-based)

Hey folks, I'm in a pickle and need some help brainstorming.

My fiance and I are getting married in a month (9/23). We live in VA. Our original honeymoon plan was for Maui (Lahaina…) from 10/7 to 10/20 but that trip is now canceled and we are not staying in Maui. Hawaii has a high tax on lodging so we are thinking about a future trip but not now.

We don't have our passports, which limits our options. In September '22 we went to southern California and considered going again for the honeymoon, but aren't sure since it hasn't been that long since our last trip and we hit all the beaches.

Then we thought about going to Destin, FL or somewhere along the Gulf Coast and maybe driving down through Charleston and Savannah to get there, but the hurricane hit this week. Still considering Florida but it's hurricane season…

We are feeling lost and like we're running out of time, but also need to figure this out. We already have these dates reserved with work and have not had a vacation since this time last year, so we intend on taking the time off regardless of whether we go somewhere or stay at home.

Can ya'll help us out with some ideas? At this point, we are interested in anything fun, relaxing, and new. We enjoy going to the beach, hiking or driving in the mountains, exploring new places, eating good food (especially Latin/Mexican), and visiting breweries/wineries. 420-friendly states are a plus but not required. We are down to drive or fly anywhere in the US. We are avoiding OBX/Myrtle Beach/VA Beach because we've been there a lot.

Edit: forgot to add that we are avoiding cruises, and our budget is max $10k all-in if we use the full 2 weeks.

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