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Help me plan my Greece honeymoon :D

I am 24m going with my fiancé 23f. We are splitting the trip into 2 parts and I only need help with the first part— 5 days in Greece.

I am looking at the following islands: paros, naxos, ios, Santorini, folegandros. But I am flexible, Crete is also an option instead of island hopping.

Limits: I do not care about historical sights, I don’t care about the party scene. I am looking for private and expensive. Budget of 10k going in June 2024.

Must include boating, restaurants, private pool wherever we stay + nice view, no kids lol.

I don’t know if I should do airbnb + planning my own activities (private boat tour and wine tasting) or some honeymoon suite that is all inclusive. It looks like the airbnbs are much nicer and very private, but the suites and hotels involve less planning, +massages, +tours , + other amenities etc…

Help me decide between airbnb and self planning vs renting hotel/suite please :). Also please help with island selection (ps I have already been to Zakinthos and corfu and I speak Greek)

If anyone suggests a suite or boat that I actually end up using I’ll send you $100 through Venmo lol. Small fee for your efforts Reddit 🙏🏻.

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