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Help me…

Me and my fiancé are talking about our honeymoon in Miami. We both have different mindset of how we would like to spend our time.

She wants to relax, note that she also has a two hour getting ready routine. And loves to lounge, with feminine podcasts/reality TV shows in the background, as her ideal time of enjoyment.

I like to go out, drink, bar hop and I have indicated I will sneak out while she is getting ready, So I can give her the space she needs to enjoy her routine.

Now, she feels as though people will ask, where my wife is, and she would be embarrassed, that a newly wed is not spending time with his wife on their honeymoon. We have a history, of me sneaking out for walks, and to grab coffee, and she’s gotten really mad at me for it.

She has no ideas on how we can spend our time together. She mentioned a spa date which is fine. But from our conversation she has no plans of going out or dressing up.

I know that we’re setting up ourselves for disaster, and I’ve started to have this conversation with her. She’s calling me impatient and thinking of canceling the honeymoon.

Is this childish or a real problem ?

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