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Help narrowing down tropical/Caribbean destinations

Ok, friends. We are planning a honeymoon for the end of May of this year, and I am seriously overwhelmed by the options and would love some help.

Here’s what I have so far: * We want nice beaches and snorkeling but also want other activities (hiking, horseback riding – just something active) * I do kind of want some of the “luxuries” (maybe they aren’t really, but they feel like luxuries to me) like a swim up bar (I guess those are fairly common now?) * We like the all inclusive idea but aren’t married to it (just each other as of May 15th…I know, I’m hilarious) * We are flying out of Dallas-Fort Worth and are pretty flexible on the exact dates * Budget is approximately $7k * We do know the stray hurricane can brew in May and will get insurance accordingly * Fiancé has ruled out Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and maybe Jamaica – he scares easily and is worried about safety (I know – take precautions, don’t be an idiot, etc. etc. but it’s a battle I didn’t feel the need to fight this time, especially as it sorta helped me narrow stuff down, and we have the budget to go elsewhere)

So…Aruba? St. Lucia? One of the less popular islands in the Bahamas? (Though honestly I want to go to the Atlantis water park that has the water slide past sharks one day…) Anguilla? The Caymans? Virgin Islands?

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