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Help Needed! July 2022 Honeymoon Recs

Type A person started to freak out! I was hoping to have an idea for a honeymoon by now but no luck.

My fiance and I are getting married early July in Pennsylvania. We haven't settled any place for a honeymoon and when I reached out to a travel agent, she hyperfocused on the one city (San Francisco) that we might be interested in. She gave us no other places to look at. I even looked at taking a train cross country but I can't get behind the price fully.

My biggest worries are the heat since we'll be travelling in the middle of July and staying within the US because of COVID and a lack of passports.

My fiance isn't much of a traveler so he ends up saying "Whatever you want". He has fully enjoyed our weekend trips to NYC, Baltimore, and DC.

We're open to pretty much anything except for camping. We like beaches but would like tours to take or things to do in the area.

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