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Help! Torn between Venice & Corfu

We are planning our honeymoon for Greece in May 2022 (10 days on the ground, planning on an overnight flight from Chicago). I am a go-go-go person, and my FH is more laid back. He's never been to Europe, I've been to Greece once before, but we would be doing a lot of stuff I didn't do last time around. We're starting in Athens, and then headed to Santorini. I want to visit one more location, and I'm debating between Corfu and Venice.

I have heard mixed reviews on Venice, and the resorts in Corfu are very tempting. We have 4 days in either location, and we'll be flying from Santorini – the flight duration and costs are comparable, so that is not really a factor. In Corfu, we'd likely do a beach resort. I'm looking at a few resorts near Venice, but I think the history would be really awesome to see, but I suppose not as relaxed of a vibe. Does anybody have strong opinions (good or bad) on either location? Or must-sees? Thanks!

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