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Help with domestic honeymoon

We are thinking of staying in the US. Honeymoon will be early September. We wanted to do fiji but I just don’t think it’s in the cards right now financially. Also The resort we wanted to do is booked up. Maybe next year we could do a delayed “tropical destination” honeymoon. Soo thinking about a 7-8k budget. Destinations – starting in Sedona, then maybe Lake Tahoe and then ending in Charleston SC. For Sedona I am thinking to fly in to phoenix. We would be close to Castle Hot springs resort which looks amazing. That would be about 3.2k of our budget for just two nights. Then L’Auberge in Sedona for 4 nights. That would be about 200,000 Amex points which is about what I should have then so I am not included that in the total. Any recommendations for Tahoe? I think in Charleston we will just stay at a normal hotel and bar hop, and eat a lot of food (we’ve been before), but am open to suggestions here as well

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