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Help with Honeymoon ideas!

Hey everyone! So my fiance and I are getting married in October and honestly we have no idea what to do for our honeymoon. We've bounced around on places and I wanted to hear peoples opinions. Any ideas is deeply appreciated! We dont want to go to Florida, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kansas, or Oklahoma. I know thats a chunk of states but its because we've been through these states before and we wanted to go somewhere new. We're not really interested in a very warm area, more of something ranging from moderate weather to cold/snow. Anything within that range would be awesome. We're both interested in romantic things and cute coupley stuff but also things like a rage room, escape rooms, nature trails/gardens, museums, we are both big animal people so any special zoos/animal encounter type things would be cool, and we are foodie people so definently good food. Now obviously the state doesnt have to have all of that lol but im trying to give out plenty of interests for ideas. Please let me know what you have in mind! Oh and budget wise, we dont have a very big budget. I know it makes things a little harder but even if you have more expensive ideas id still love to take them into consideration. Thank you in advance!

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