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Hey everyone! Need a lil (lot) of help!

(Obligatory apologies for mobile) My fiancé and I are getting married in the end of August. I am solo planning/catering the wedding because he wants me to get everything I want from it, well with that I am also in charge of the honeymoon! I am having trouble deciding where to go though and what to do. I have been looking at Ireland, Italy and a few other places but can't decide what I want. I'm looking for some personal experiences from you guys on places you went and any suggestions on what to do! Not to worried on budget because the wedding is pretty cheap lol. My fiancé really wants some adventure with his honeymoon as well as being surronded with either a lot of culture or a beautiful landscape, he likes warm places but isn't opposed to chilly (not Alaska lol) My biggest thing is being able to have romantic places and experiences for us to enjoy as well as a chance to be in nature for at least a day. Any help at all will be so beyond appreciated!

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