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Hii!! Trying to plan a bomb honeymoon and need some recs

To all you travel girlies and boys who have recently been to Europe or know the ins and outs. We wanna plan a honeymoon sometime in 2024 for about 2-3 weeks.

The vibe is very much European chic; think drinking aperol spritz on the Amalfi coast in a cute little outfit type vibe.

Should we spend the entire time in Italy, potentially renting a car and driving down to the coast, stopping at less touristy villages on the way? We are aware of the IDP requirements and the difference in roads/driving habits compared to North America; driving doesn't scare us! Or split up time and visit another country in that time frame (not sure which one).

We do not want to feel rushed or overwhelmed with timing and seeing everything; we can skip some stuff. The last thing we wanna do is be stressed while on vacation.

Lemme know what you all think! Also open to the idea of different countries if you've had a positive experience. I just need a dang vacation 😂

Much appreciated!

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