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Honeymoon advice!

Hi all,

My fiance and I are starting from scratch here for our honeymoon (June 2020) and have no idea where to start! We want something tropical, and we're thinking about 10 full days with a budget of ~$5,000 (hopefully much less, but that's the hard roof). Locations I've thought about a little bit are Greece, Costa Rica, Fiji, Hawaii, St. Lucia, and Fiji. Being honest, this was just from looking at Google images, and then making sure they were generally safe places!

I would loooove to do something all-inclusive if we can find it in our budget, just for the convenience of it, and I'd love to stay on the beach if possible. I don't know if these are reasonable things to wish for in this budget.

Main goals are relaxing on the beach with incredible views, with some outdoor activities and nature. This will likely be the most (and possibly only) luxurious vacation we ever take, so I'd love to get advice on how we can make it the trip of a lifetime. We're also not huge travelers, so safety is a major concern as well.

If you like any of these locations, please let me know where-about and what we could look into next. If you don't feel free to suggest others within the same vibe.

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