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Honeymoon booked in Cancun July 20th-24th. What should we do?

Like the title says, my fiancé and I had put down our deposit for our honeymoon back in December. We obviously couldn’t anticipate what would happen with the Coronavirus and now we’re feeling uneasy about flying down to Cancun and don’t even know if it’s possible for us to if we wanted to. I contacted the resort we would be staying in and they said we could reschedule with the same package to anytime between then and December. The issue is that both my fiancé I are students. (I’ll be student teaching and he’s in grad school) so there really isn’t any time that we could get away for 4 days other than holidays. Does anybody know if it would be safe by July? I know this whole thing has been so unpredictable. But any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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