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Honeymoon coming is 2/18/20!

We set the date for our Feb wedding mid December so we’ve been focusing on that and the put honeymoon planning off till now.

We have a travel agent helping and I’d love your suggestions:

We want warm weather (her family is from Mexico so no Mexico as she wants a place she hasn’t been). Someplace beautiful, beach access….and that’s it. So, we have so many options I’m a bit paralyzed. All the websites and all the pics and all the trip advisors start to blend into one and all look good.

What’s really best?

Out budget is up to $6k including travel.

Please help!

Details: Fly out of Houston or McAllen and back to Houston. Depart 2/17 or 2/18 and we can return any time till the end of the month.

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