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Honeymoon cruises? Where did you go?? What cruise line?? Looking for 8-14 days.

USA origin. Depends on a holiday weekend lol would like to keep it under 6k total for the 2 of us.

Europe (Turkey, Spain, Greece islands-trying to avoid italy as italy needs its own adventure) is averaging ~ <1,800 for flights and 2,000 for cruise = 5,800. Is it worth it for under 11 days? red eye flights to sleep on plane lol

Was thinking Alaska flights ~900 & cruise 200=<$2,000

Didn’t look into Africa yet.

Not interested in Bahamas or eastern us

~~~~ but with no vacations ~ 3 years due to covid we could go up to 12,000 max. But doesn’t seem worth it for 14 days max

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