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Honeymoon Destination Decision Help- Bali, Morocco, or Jamaica

My fiancee and I are struggling to make a decision on a honeymoon destination and are deciding between Bali, Morocco or Jamaica. We do want a couple of days to relax on the beach, but really are much more active travelers and want to do more than just sitting on a beach or at the resort. We love activites like: sight seeing at historical estates, museums & temples, easy guided hikes to beautiful sights, taking a class in a local cuisine or local arts and crafts, and one really unique activity we wouldn't normally do; like an animal interaction experience, or hot air ballooning. The dining scene and variety is important to us as well. Lastly, we love to dance so places that offer a dance scene are encouraged! All three places seem like they offer these to some degree, just don't know which will cover the most. Would love some thoughts, suggestions, pros and cons from folks who have visited. TIA!

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