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Honeymoon destination suggestions:

Hi! I am looking for some guidance in picking the best honeymoon destination for me and my mans vibe. Im going to list below some characteristics we think are important, any and all advice is welcome and appreciated!

Firstly, were getting married end of Sept 2024. Peak hurricane season. BUT we don't want to waste anytime between getting married / going on the honeymoon and living in that bubble.

All inclusive would be nice but not necessary if the prices are not astronomical.

I was looking for views that resemble Italy with the ocean / built in cafes on the mountainside / history! He was looking for somewhere tropical with fun things to do. Both kinds of suggestions are welcome, he just doesn't want "the typical Italy honeymoon destinations".

***We'll enjoy alone time and romantic dinners but some of these resorts are apparently "barren" and it feels like you're alone. I would love to be somewhere that the bars don't close at 10/11 PM and we can have a nightcap and talk / be around people. ***

Thanks in advance reddit!

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