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Honeymoon Destination Suggestions for July 2020

My Fiancé and I looking for destination suggestions and advice to help plan our upcoming honeymoon.

When: Beginning of July 2020

Duration: 5 to 6 days

Budget: $3,000 to $4,000

We have been looking into Jamaica and the Couples resorts there. It’s A little on the higher side of our budget and I’m not convinced it’s really the place for us.

We enjoy exploring, being active, running, biking, and hiking. Neither of us have been outside of the U.S. and Canada and would love to experience the tropics and the beaches they have to offer while still being able to explore and hike a little.

Is Jamaica really the right destination to do that? From stuff that I have looked into I get the feeling that is a big tourist trap of an island. But again I have no idea.

We would love to go somewhere in Europe however that seems to be out of our budget.

Other thinks that are important to us are:

-All inclusive -Adults Only -Lots of activities -Unique natural features i.e. waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, cenotes etc. -Excellent food -Clear water -Good beaches -Updated/current accommodations

Please reply with any suggestions you might have and any first hand advice/experience you can offer we would greatly appreciate it.

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