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honeymoon destinations late may / early june 2024

we're feeling the pressure to start booking something soon but having a lot of trouble picking a location. I'm definitely more of an adventurer – my dream was Tanzania for safari + Kilimanjaro, but I think that is going to be cost-prohibitive. Other ideas I liked were Peru (Lima + Machu Picchu + maybe amazon), Patagonia area (although not sure if it's the best time of year for this) or Italy (dolomites + some other cities). My main worry is that while these trips on their own would be fun, it might be too much after all of the stress of wedding planning?

My fiance is more of a beach person, I think he'd be perfectly happy at a beach resort for the entirety of the trip but given my desire for more activities, he has suggested Costa Rica or Bali.

We can probably take 10-14 days. flying out of DFW.

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