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Honeymoon destinations May 2023

My fiancé and I want to have our honeymoon in the second part of May 2023. We are Europeans, so we are mostly searching for places outside Europe, since Italy, Spain, Greece etc. are easily accessible and we would want a place that we wouldn't normally go.
We are searching for a destination that offers us the possibility of visiting places and see attractions, but at the same time we would like to relax at the beach, pool as well – for a part of the trip .
Our first choice is currently Bali – we heard lots of good things, checked accommodations, areas and so and there are many to see. But we would want to take into consideration other places too ( I've looked at Costa Rica, Philippines, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico)
Would you recommend any of them? Any other destinations that give us the opportunity to visit and also relax at the beach with sun are welcomed

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