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Honeymoon Dilemma

My fiance (22f) and I (25m) are getting married in January 2025 during MLK weekend. We have yet to plan the honeymoon and we want to get going but have a couple of roadblocks. Luckily, I've saved up a lot of vacation time and budget isn't the largest concern.

The biggest issue is that I would like to take at least a week off after the wedding, however its the winter and my fiance and I have two different desires for a honeymoon. I personally would love the winter/ski resort vibe but she wants the more characteristic tropical/warm vibe which is hard to find at that time of the year. We both agreed that the primary destination we would want to go is Italy if it was ideal, but we don't know whether to do that in the winter or wait until the summer. We both also agree that we would want to go somewhere with lots of sightseeing opportunites/activities, if not Italy.

Here's another thing, she's competing in an international sports tournament for team USA that summer in Germany😂, so attaching a honeymoon to that afterwards also makes the most sense. I just don't want to go back to work right after my wedding haha, but I don't see any good winter options.

Basically, what I'm asking is, are there any recommendations on how we can split this up, any good winter destinations we could go for maybe a week or two, and then go in the summer for another week or two. I know I'm leaving this wide open so any sort of direction is appreciated. Any cool honeymoon destinations as well for the winter?


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