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Honeymoon Euro Trip Plan. Will it work?


My fiancé and I are planning our Wedding & Honeymoon for early September 2025. Does our plan look feasible or maybe the better question is will it be enjoyable and Romantic. We both have ADHD and don’t take meds which is one of the reasons for planning this trip out the way we are. Nothing is set in stone yet of course and I’m open to suggestions or changes.

15 days total. Budget is $15,000 total.

Day 1: Drive to the Airport and fly from US to Paris, France and get situated in our Hotel. The entire day is just about traveling there and getting ourselves setup and comfortable. The time zone change will stink.

Day 2: Run around Paris and have fun. Explore and whatnot.

Day 3: Run around Paris and have fun. Maybe visit the Eiffel Tower.

Day 4: Visit Versailles and spend the whole day there walking around enjoying ourselves.

Day 5: Drive to the airport. Fly to Venice, Italy. We’re just expecting to dedicate the whole day to traveling and getting set up in our hotel. If there is enough time to eat at a fancy restaurant in the evening we’ll do that.

Day 6: Venice Canal ride. Explore and enjoy ourselves.

Day 7: Explore Venice and enjoy ourselves.

Day 8: Explore Venice and enjoy ourselves.

We really like Day 1-8 so far but day 9-15 is still being decided on. this is what we have so far.

Day 9: Rent a car. Drive north 4 hours to Innsbruck, Austria. One of our most enjoyable hobbies is scenic drives with great music. We think spending the day cruising across the alps and stopping along the way at little stores or anything we find interesting along the way would be nice. We’ll rent a hotel in Innsbruck.

Day 10: Drive to and Hike in the Black Forest near Titisee Neustadt. It’ll be another scenic 4 hour drive this time and we’ll only stop for gas. We figure if we wake up and checkout early in Innsbruck we’ll be able to check into our new hotel and go hiking. In September there will be plenty of daylight left for us to enjoy.

Day 11: Drive to Frankfurt. The last 4 hour drive. Check into hotel. Enjoy our afternoon. Eat fancy. Relax. We plan on staying at a castle.

Day 12: Enjoy our time in Frankfurt. Explore and have fun.

Day 13: Enjoy our time in Frankfurt. Explore and have fun.

Day 14: Enjoy Frankfurt and all its glory.

Day 15: Drive to airport and drop off rental car. Fly from the airport back to the US. The time zone change will be a blessing.

What’s the verdict? Will it be enjoyable? Will 12-15 hours of total travel driving time be worth it in the end? Will it work with our budget? Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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