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Honeymoon- First time in Argentina, Four Seasons or Park Hyatt Buenos Aires? Patagonia or Mendoza?

Hi All,

My newlywed wife (28) and I (29) recently got married last month and are in the process of planning our Honeymoon. We are both relatively inexperienced international travelers and thought this subreddit would be the perfect place to hit up regarding our upcoming Honeymoon trip (first leg) in a couple of months.

Long story short, we won a pair of Delta One tickets last year (lucky I know) to anywhere in South America and back from a Delta sponsored work event of mine we both attended. We are choosing Argentina because we both love food, wine, walkable cities, and thought for such a comped trip that we should find one of the longest flights possible to get our time's worth. We live in Miami, so we understand we will need to connect from ATL or JFK for our Delta One flights.

We are planning our trip to be from the end of October through the second week of November for a total of 8 days (plus 2 lost in the air), due to the availability of the Delta One flights. I fortunately have access to a Corporate Rate through my job that can be used for leisure and is available at either The Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires or Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. My rate for the Four Seasons is about $30 or $40 more per day compared to my rate for the Park Hyatt (both are under $300 a night for me up to a certain point). We started making a list of places we want to visit and restaurants we want to dine at, such as Elena, Pony Line, and Don Julio to name a few places. For those of you who have stayed at both properties, is The Four Seasons worth that extra $30 or $40 per day for our Honeymoon?

Our idea is that we'd stay in Buenos Aires at either one of these 2 hotels for 4 nights, then we'd fly to either Bariloche or Mendoza to stay at for 3 nights. My wife really likes the idea of relaxing at the Llao Lao resort in Bariloche), before flying back to Buenos Aires to catch our flights back to the United States (are we underestimating how much moving around this will be, considering that EZE is far from Buenos Aires itself)? A client of mine raved about the natural beauty of Bariloche and said the Llao Llao resort is simply a place we “had” to experience, taking everything into account.

Taking these extra expenses into consideration, will "splurging" on The Four Seasons be worth it? I already have a tentative booking at the Four Seasons for 4 nights but can easily change this around. Should I look at an alternative to Bariloche like somewhere else in Patagonia? Mendoza instead? Or, since it’s our first time in Buenos Aires, spend all of our time there?

FYI, neither of us have been to Paris and we plan on going there sometime in the New Year, depending on which corporate rate I could use etc. But that flight will of course be out of pocket 🤣.

Looking forward to everyone's input! 😃

PS: We do need good breakfast spots because I hear the $40 per person buffet at the Four Seasons Hotel can be underwhelming. And although the dollar goes a long way, even with inflation in Argentina, we aren’t trying to pay over $80 a day every day for breakfast.

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