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Honeymoon for groom indifferent to all suggestions

I’ve been enjoying everyone’s posts on honeymoon ideas and destinations!

My quandary is how to plan a honeymoon with a groom who “doesn’t care we go” and has no suggestions at all of anything he’d like to do or any place he’d like to see. He’s happy to stay at home and doesn’t enjoy feeling like a tourist who gets bombarded by people selling things and getting nickel-and-dimed by hotels and overpriced attractions (I do not feel this way about travel).

I think we should take a short trip and we’re both already taking a week off of work after the wedding in September. But this is already no fun, and my idea of a honeymoon is not dragging my groom around.

Suggestions of how to approach this and help him be mildly interested in literally anything? Or am I fighting an uphill battle?

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