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Honeymoon got ruined (advice?)

hi everyone,(29 F) I got married this past October, and we had our honeymoon a month after in November, however a week before we were suppose to fly out my autoimmune disease flared up pretty badly and I ended up getting a skin ulcer in an uncomfortable place. We couldn't get a refund, so we decided to go anyway, and I told myself just to suck it up. I could barely walk so we had to rent a wheel chair, and because of where the ulcer was we couldn't really get intimate. so it took the whole sexiness off the table, but also I was just in so much pain, I stuck it out for a few days but then I couldn't handle it anymore so we flew home early, and ever since then ive been dealing with those health problems, I had to go on a few strong medicines, was even hospitalized for a week, almost had to have a surgery. Finally, my health problems are starting to balance out now. But im afraid I missed out on having that special honeymoon moment where you're just in bliss right after the wedding, and that those feelings/moments have faded now since life got so hectic. I know I could just plan another vacation for when im feeling up to it, but I feel like it would just be a 'vacation' and not a honeymoon since its been so long. I'd love some insight and advice, thank you so much.

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