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Honeymoon has been the hardest part of the wedding planning! Florida, Colorado, or Italy (all likely in sept)

We are trying to decide a honeymoon location but we really don’t seem to know much of what we want and the ideas we have come up with are very different 😅. A few years ago we went to Florida and enjoyed ourselves we went for two weeks and traveled all over the place doing all kinds of things and visited Disney for 2 of those days. Colorado we went for a day trip for skiing – which I was terrible at lol! My fiancé is from the north and loves the cold and has always wanted to try snowboarding – which I’ll probably be absolutely terrible at too 🤣. I also don’t really like the cold/snow much but if I can be warm I can be just fine. But I dont really know what Colorado could offer besides skiing and snowboarding (very stereotypical I know) that we can’t do normally. We also thought of Italy but don’t know much about that either and flying out of country is very intimidating esp when it comes to safety. Any tips, recommendations, or other ideas?

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