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Honeymoon Help, August 2023

Hi friends! My fiancé and I are looking international for our honeymoon in August 2023 and I’m honestly just completed overwhelmed…neither of us have ever traveled internationally so we are potentially going to work with a travel agent to help us. Our budget is $7,000 for a week. The person we spoke to initially stated that she’s pretty limited in offering a lot of options because of our budget; She said she could book us an all-inclusive in the Caribbean…I’m seeing that it’s peak hurricane season then? What suggestions do you have for ideal locations during August? From my research, it seems like a difficult travel time weather-wise for a lot of places. It also seems frankly unbelievable to me that $7000 isn’t “enough” for much of anything else. I’m getting discouraged 😔

Edit to add some more details about what we are looking for in our Honeymoon trip: – Flying out of John Glenn Columbus International (CMH) – Warm! – All-inclusive – Mostly relaxation with some adventure/experience options available as well if we want them – We have over 85k travel miles accumulated with our Capital One Venture X, so our budget can even go as high as $8000 with our miles covering some flight costs

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