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Honeymoon help needed!

My fiancé and I are in the US and getting married Oct 16, 2021. We originally thought we’d go to the US Virgin Islands because we wouldn’t be restricted since it’s still part of the US. Now that we’re both vaccinated and some things seem to be opening up more, there’s more options available. My fiancé was thinking maybe we could do a cruise to the Caribbean for a week. Cruise lines are expected to open this summer for travel and its seeming like this could be a good option, too. We wouldn’t book a cruise until we knew for sure cruises were running again. We are wanting something that’s all-inclusive, doesn’t require much planning on our end, fun activities available, and something warm with a beach. Thoughts on a cruise for a honeymoon versus the US Virgin Islands? I’m slightly hesitant on a cruise for a honeymoon since I’ve never been on one and don’t know if I’ll like it. I don’t get sea sick on boats or anything, I’ve just heard lots of positive, mediocre, and negative comments about cruises.

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