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Honeymoon idea in covid times

So we are having our wedding in June and want to do a honeymoon. We have not decided on where yet but we kinda want something like santorini where it’s all about relaxing and just living a luxury life without breaking the bank of course. We don’t have a budget but we preferably don’t want to spend over 6k if possible but willing to budge if needed. We agreed that this trip will be the most expensive trip of our lives even though we don’t have a lot of money but it will be the only splurge luxury vacation we will ever take. We want a overseas safe stress-free place that gives us full on relaxation and luxury without any worries.

We have not decided on when to take a trip but we are open from June to December. The only concern is covid and preferably it is at a place where the vaccine is out and the infection rate is low.

Any ideas?

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