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Honeymoon ideas for next April – 2023


My future wife and I are getting married the first week of April next year. At this point almost all wedding planning is finished. We are kind of stuck on where to go. My dream would be Bora Bora or Maldives but our ideal budget is roughly $8k-10k maybe more just depending on how we continue to save through this year – this is with airfare included. I don't think we'd get the full experience there but maybe down the road! Also we are from North Carolina to give an idea with budgeting.

The lady likes the idea of Hawaii and I've also considered the carribeans. So really open to alot of options as we want to make the most of everything. Just some ideas of us. I'm a much bigger introvert than her, she can be a social butterfly. She could spend all day on a beach, I'd prefer to spend maybe a few hours at most under some shade with a beer or 3…

Some places we went to a couple years back was a tour of the west cost, started in Seattle and went all the way down to San Diego with Portland Oregon being a place we fell in love with.

A bit background on us is we're both a bit nerdy in the sense of museums and any historical events. Want scenic views we can walk or drive through for example like a national park or the rose garden that's in Oregon. Both huge foodies and love trying and exploring new and exotic foods.

Any advice, preferences or maybe other recommendations would be greatly appreciated as she handled most of the wedding planning since she is a wedding planner and inexchange for myself to handle the honeymoon planning!

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