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Honeymoon Ideas for Night owls

My fiance (32F) and I (34M) are having a commitment ceremony (can't legally get married due to financial reasons) in September this year and so are going to be planning a honeymoon for sometime in 2025. We're not in a rush to go right away, but we want to start planning well in advance. The only problem is we are having trouble coming up with ideas on places to go.

Due to health issues my fiance has, she doesn't usually get up until noon-1pm and is usually in bed around 1-2am, whereas I typically stay up just as late but I am awake every day between 6-7am.

We live on the west coast of the US and are looking for some ideas for around a $2,000-$3,000 budget that has some good night time activities available. Neither of us drink much or gamble so we've already ruled out places like Vegas.

Any ideas either within the US or another country would be greatly appreciated!

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