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Honeymoon Ideas in Europe

My fiancé and I are brainstorming ideas for our honeymoon, which we are planning for September or October 2024.

Right now our top choice is either Italy or Greece, but we are definitely open to any suggestions. We were planning on going for about 2 weeks and possibly considering splitting the trip and staying in 2 different places, but likely just staying in 1 area. We are just looking for any suggestions or advice on the best places to visit, stay, etc. We don’t have any “must-have” interests but we do love kayaking, wineries, mild hiking, boat rides, and we are both big foodies. My fiancé has been to England before but I have never been outside the USA.

We haven’t figured out a budget just yet, but would probably aim for trying to keep it reasonable (~ $10k USD). Would love to hear what others have done and suggestions! Also, not sure if there is too much of a difference between traveling in September vs October but would be great to know as well. TIA

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