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Honeymoon ideas, on a budget! Cali or New Hampshire maybe?

Hi there!! My fiancée and I are getting married on June 11 2021. I'm from Louisiana and she's a military brat who's lived across the US. We live in South Louisiana now. We are both 22, she's attending PA school (hopefully) this fall, and I'm graduating college in may so we are definitely on a budget. I'm hoping to send $3k-ish or less for everything. Also, we'd leave the day after and it would be ideally a 6-10 day trip. Also, we aren't big into the whole all inclusive resort, textbook honeymoon thing.

Edit: Places that are definitely a no. Seattle (we love it but we just went, her parents live there), Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida.

As far as our preferences, I'm super open to everything and just want to make her happy. She's not super picky, but definitely still wants to enjoy it. (If that makes since) She also doesn't want anything super rigid and structured. She loves the beach and the mountains, wine tastings(we don't really get drunk though), and visiting/walking through cities. (so basically everything except the countryside)

As far as my current ideas,

  1. (Obviously a big concern here is COVID restrictions) I was thinking about flying into north-ish CA renting a car and visiting a few cities/national parks. Things like Napa, San Fran, LA, Disneyland (if its open), and San Diego (her grandparents live here and most likely can't make our wedding so it would be awesome if we could visit them. I've never met them and she wants me to before they pass.)
  2. Fly into new hampshire and stay at a hotel and airbnb for a week. Reason is because of someone mention recently on this subreddit that it has both beaches and mountains. Maybe somehow get to boston and fly back to LA from boston.
  3. same idea as new hampshire except denver! Obviously less beaches, but I presume more to do in general.

For all three of these, flights are all between 250 and 350 from our airports, so that isn't as big of a variable as the cost of being in each place for a week.

Sorry this was so long winded, I can answer any more questions and would love any advice, opinions or suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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