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Honeymoon Ideas (US)

Greetings! My partner and I are planning our wedding (March 2025) and plan to go on our honeymoon in April. We live in Nevada, so we're looking to get out of the Southwest (and avoid California as it's the state we travel to the most already).

We're not really a beach & relax-all-day couple, but also not looking for a hiking/camping experience. We love:

  • Craft beer/breweries
  • Great dining experiences
  • Wine tasting
  • Cultural/Themed Festivals
  • History/museums (depending on the subject)
  • Day tours
  • Greenery (we are both from states with greenery and miss it terribly)

As a same-sex couple, we are also keenly aware of the socio-political climate of the US, so some states are unfortunately out of the question (we would love to visit Austin, TX, but will have to wait as I'm not interested in spending money in Texas). This isn't to start a debate in anyway, just to contextualize our priorities.

As of now, New Orleans is "winning" the race, but very open to suggestions from folks who had great honeymoon experiences or memorable vacations (and favorite restaurants/hotels/etc. if you have them)!

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