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Honeymoon in Alaska

My fiance and I are going to honeymoon in Alaska (most likely) because my fiance has a good friend who owns a house there and would let us stay there after our wedding (July 12) up until August if we’d like.

My one concern is, im worried I will hate the trip and hate all the outdoorsy things there is to do in Alaska.

I’ve ways dreamed of going somewhere tropical like the Bahamas, Greece or anywhere warm, relaxing all day, drinking, eating, tanning and just enjoying time in a hotel. Ive always assumed that’s what we would do and was hoping we’d be on the same page (which we are) but we had looked at prices of things and I had told him that I changed my mind and am okay with it now (I just didn’t tell him I didn’t love the idea). To give context, I had told him I wasn’t up for hiking or exploring a lot because im not very into those things, I told him im okay with driving around and seeing views but I didn’t want to spend all day going outside and venturing hours outside just to see something pretty. I want to feel relaxed, pampered, wearing outfits that weren’t sweaters and full length clothes and just be lazy the whole honeymoon.

I think it’s dumb to get out of a big expense and spend money on a big romantic getaway and then have no money for decor or a house or anything after the wedding.

I am worried he’ll take what I said and run with it and then we’ll get to Alaska and he will want to do something every single day, things that are all day excursions… idk maybe im just being very much a picky and not fun fiance but the idea of hiking and not being able to wear the cute outfits and be in hot sun doesn’t sound very appealing to me. I also am scared of moose, bears and lots of wildlife and have been told Alaska is FULL of it, and my fiancés friend told us to be careful when we open and close doors as to not let in animals inside 😳😥that scares me! I’m not used to that in Washington!

He also told me, we would probably have to make all of our food because of where his friend lives in Alaska. I think he said his friends house is not close to a lot of restaurants but we would be able to use his car (just would be far to drive out to restaurants).

All in all, I know I will enjoy anywhere my fiance is, im just worried I will have resentment towards him if he chooses the honeymoon to be in Alaska and we spend our time outdoors in the wild and my mind is just wishing I was in the heat, lounging around, tanning and eating and drinking all day.

I feel like im being a brat and being ungrateful but I wanted to see what other people thought. Am I being a brat about this?

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