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Honeymoon in France and Italy

Honeymoon in France and Italy

Hi All,

We are getting married in June 2022 and our honeymoon will start at the end of June. We are planning on spending 3 weeks in both France and Italy. We are both early 30s and are very easygoing. We have two itineraries. One with Sicily included and one without Sicily. I have a few questions for you avid travelers and people who have lived in these places.

With Sicily

Without Sicily

  1. What are these places like at the end of June? We understand summer is the touristy season but if there are places that we can avoid, we would appreciate the heads up. We don't mind the hidden gems and not getting sucked into the millions of people trying to do everything on our list. We like quiet and peaceful but will also dabble in the sightseeing and some of the touristy stuff
  2. Are we doing too much trying to visit all these places in 18 days? if yes, what would you take out and why? All opinions are welcome.
  3. We have watched a gazillion videos and our main goal is to visit the local markets and eat good food and cheeses. Do we need to plan ahead for a wine tasting in any of these places or can we wait until we get there and figure it out? Any particular wineries we should check out?
  4. Any packing tips from personal experience? Is there something you wished you knew before you went to any of these places?
  5. SAFETY!! Please share anything you can in terms of what we can do to keep our documents (passports, IDs, phones, etc.) and ourselves safe. I understand Marseille is notorious for pickpocketers, but I may be reading a one-sided perspective. We are only bringing one carry-on each and planning to pack super light.
  6. Any tips on renting cars in Europe? We are thinking of renting a car in Marseille and exploring Aix en Provence and then driving to Nice (2hour drive)
  7. Miscellaneous opinions, thoughts, ideas, and caution are all welcome. We just want to go there, immerse ourselves in the culture, eat some good food and wine, and make it back safe and hopefully with a bun in the oven😉. Please DM if you have anything else to share. Merci Beaucoup!!

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