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Honeymoon in GREECE!! Please share thoughts, suggestions, places to go! Thank you!!

Hello all!

I am getting married in the summer and am planning a honeymoon for my wonderful soon to be wife and I!

Plane ticket is already paid for!

As of right now in my mind, I have my itinerary planned as the following: (please share thoughts)

Day 1: Arrive in Athens very early, immediately take a ferry or fly to Mykonos, (depending on ferry time) Spend all day in Mykonos

Day 2: All day in Mykonos

Day 3: Morning Ferry to Santorini

Day 4: Santorini

Day 5: Spend last Santorini night at Oia Mare Villas!

Day 6: Ferry to Crete, Stay in Heraklion

Day 7: Heraklion

Day 8: Bus to Chania? Stay in Chania

Day 9: Stay in Chania

Day 10: Early flight to Athens, explore athens for one day/night

Day 11: Afternoon Flight back home

In the end it is 10 days, 10 nights. 2 Nights in Mykonos, 3 Nights in Santorini, 4 Nights in Crete, 1 Night in Athens.

Does this seem like it makes sense? Is it too much? Is it worth bussing over to Chania or just stay around the same area in Crete? I figured instead of flying to Crete first and working my way up, we would do Crete last, as I figured it would benefit us to get used to getting around the smaller islands first before moving to the bigger one.

I also figured we would do Athens last, as I prefer to be in Athens the night before we leave back home to avoid rushing back the morning of/multiple flights on the same day of departure back home.

We will be looking into both hotels and AirBnBs for our stay.

Please share your thoughts/things that we ABSOLUTELY need to do and cannot miss out on. I appreciate it!! Thank you!!!

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