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Honeymoon in Mexico? Maybe?

My fiancé and I are getting married in July and are planning our honeymoon for sometime after that (we can be flexible with timing because we are both teachers) and are planning on going for 10 – 14 days.

We went to a travel agent (Land and Sea Vacations, totally recommend if you are looking for a travel agent!) and discussed many locations, and decided on Mexico for what we wanted for the trip because we are going to have an all inclusive resort with some relaxing, and some touring mostly as day trips.

One concern is that there has been in the news about many resorts in Mexico having bootleg alcohol that has been really dangerous to those who drink it (dangerous blacking out after only having a drink and waking up with bruises… ). We had a couple of ways to combat that like while one drinks liquor, the other can stick to wine/beer and we can switch off, or we can go somewhere else to avoid the problem.

We also know that there is the possibility of issues no matter where you go, and that once we officially decide we will be excited, but right now we are not sure if we should stay the course and shake off the fears, or just skip it and go somewhere else.

2 questions

  1. If you have honeymooned in Mexico specifically in Riviera Maya, how was it?

  2. If you honeymooned somewhere in the Caribbean and had a similar situation (all inclusive, relaxing with some day tripping), where did you go?

Here is a link to an article that addresses the alcohol concerns: (Sorry I am not sure how to make it a link because I am on mobile)

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