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Honeymoon in November – we want to see monkeys

So, my fiancé and I are getting married this year on October 27th in Colorado, so our honeymoon will be early November.

We’re having a tough time deciding where to go for our honeymoon.

The only thing we totally agree on is we want to see monkeys. 🐒

Some thoughts we’ve had and things about us:

-We want to have kids right away, so we kinda think it’d be cool to go on a trip that would be harder to do with kids. My mom is really pushing the Dominican Republic, but my fiancé has been there, and he went as a kid. So I feel like that’s a do-able vacation to do in the future with kids. I’m leaning Panama if we’re do something in Central or South America.

-I’ve thought about Thailand or Bali, but I’m a little nervous about traveling in November because of the weather and just trying to plan such a huge trip.

-we don’t drink

-we just went on a trip to Hawaii last year that was awesome, but Hawaii is out. We want to go somewhere new.

-I think it’d be a ton of fun to stay in an overwater bungalow for a couple days of the trip

So, given all this… what do you think. Travel across the world to Thailand/Bali or travel to Central America? Or something I haven’t thought of yet?! Please help!!

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