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Honeymoon in October


Going for our honeymoon this October.

We’re flying out of western Canada.

Budget $5-6k CAD for everything (if relatively close to our budget and fits our needs pls share!)

Approximately 10 days +/- travel days as needed (from travelling with friends 10 days seems like a good number of days but I don’t know if I’ll want more with my then wife, especially since it will be our first trip!)

We don’t do drinking/party/clubs

Looking for tropical island vibe like Maldives without paying for Maldives lol.

I really love the idea of a private pool for privacy.

Hence Bali was recommended by a friend. But I don’t know if it’s the vibe, seeing some mixed reviews online.

I’ve been to Cancun 2 years ago, it was super fun with all the activities. My fiancé thinks it’s too simple for a honeymoon, she’s fond of the idea of Bali though.

We’re also open to other places too, just don’t know what to do.

I think activities will be very important since it’s our first trip together, so jet skiing and zip line for example would be very memorable.

  1. What areas come to mind after reading this?
  2. If Bali, where should we go? And what activities are there to do?

Thank you for the help!

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