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Honeymoon in Paris AND Santorini?

Traveling to Europe in April

Hi everyone! I would really appreciate any feedback for my flight itinerary to Europe in April! I will be traveling with just my partner.

April 3 & 4: Fly to Paris from Seattle (1:45PM-7:00AM w/ 7h layover in UK) & land in Paris on April 4th (2:10PM-4:30PM)

April 4, 5, 6, 7: Hang out in Paris (3ish days total)

April 8: Fly to Athens (7:30AM-11:45AM) – take next available ferry over to Santorini

April 8, 9, 10: Hang out in Santorini

April 11: Head back to Athens & chill, fly to Seattle (9:05PM-10:55PM w/ 10h 55m layover in UK) & fly home on April 12th (9:50AM-11:45AM)

I'm mostly concerned about whether or not it's worth it to even jump countries like that or just stay in one place. If it's better to stay in one place, should I choose Greece or Paris? Anything helps. Thanks!!

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