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Honeymoon Itinerary Support | Nov 2-19 2024: Spain > Italy/Greece > Netherlands

Hello! I am a 36 yr/F (well travelled) and My fiance/will be husband 31 yr/M (never left the 48 states) and I are flying from DFW to Madrid, Spain arriving on Nov 2 (am). We have from Nov 2 until Nov 16 to explore Spain, Italy and Greece. That is roughly 13 days. We are headed to Netherlands for a 1 day Hardstyle music festival in Arnhem the night of Nov 16. It’s an all night until the following morning thing. We fly out of Amsterdam around 1 pm on Nov 19. I know all about jet lag, but to be honest I take ADHD meds anyway so I’m not worried. We attend a lot of multi day non-stop music festivals like EDC, etc. and can power through those for 6 days on maybe 10 hrs of sleep, so I think we can make it hahaha.

He has always wanted to go to a Hardstyle festival produced by Q dance in the Netherlands so we had to do it!

I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and I know we are pushing it trying to get 3 countries in 13 days. IF the feedback is that we should focus on Spain and Italy while getting some mediterranean vibes on the coast – please be honest. We agreed that if we cut Greece we will go back before or by our 5 year anniversary. Hopefully kids (if we can have them) and life doesn’t keep that from happening lol.

Anywayyyy, I am looking for itinerary advice or recommendations for the 13 days across Spain, Italy and Greece (unless reddit consensus says otherwise lol).

We are super into wine/food, ancient history, architecture stuff. I’d like to see the famous must see’s as far as art goes – but don’t want to spend too much time in museums. I would really love to visit Disfrutar (the best restaurant in the world) but it’s already booked those weeks so we are going to try for a waiting list spot. I thought trying to meet some Nonas and making pasta might also be fun! I’d love to check out the mediterranean and possibly go out on the water to fish or snorkel.

I have heard traveling by bullet train around Madrid is a must and then heading to Barcelona for a few, Amalfi coast (if my geography checks out). Then we are trying to decide which order to visit Italy/Greece and then head to Netherlands. The festival on Nov 16th is in Arnhem and we fly out of Amsterdam on the 19th. Not sure the best plan for that final leg of the trip.

We would like to stay on a few nice accommodations and have a nice meal in each major spot. We are happy to rent cars but heard bullet trains are a fun way to experience scenery (not sure how that works if the train is moving hella fast?) lol. We know we can easily take regional flights between the countries and will book those soon!

Anyway, we would love your thoughts, advice, recommendations on “musts” and “don’t waste your time”, travel, accommodation, what to pack for that time of year, etc.

TY 💚 RunDMC (future DMH – definitely doesn’t flow as well does it 😂)

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