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Honeymoon – Late July / Early August

Hi all, I am looking for some help with beginning honeymoon planning. My fiance and I have been focusing on planning our wedding but we haven't started planning the honeymoon. I'm hoping to get some ideas started to help us begin the process.

For context, we are flying out of the East Coast (Boston or NYC) and would like our flights to be less than 12 hours (we are open to being a little longer if you really recommend somewhere). We are looking to have our honeymoon at the end of July to early August and want to go for 10 – 14 days. We don't have a set budget right now but can spend $10k – 20k for our trip.

Must-haves: nice hotels (4 or 5 stars), pool, yummy food, spa, warm weather, beach access

Nice to have: city or town to walk around, walking trail/path, snorkeling

We are considering the coast of Europe (Italy, France, Portugal). We had thought about going to the Caribbean, but are worried about hurricane season. I would love any recommendations of where to go and any nice hotels in the locations you recommend. Thank you in advance!!

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