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Honeymoon locations for July 2023?

Hello! My fiancé and I are looking for a place to honeymoon. We will be starting our honeymoon during the second week of July. We are not interested in waiting until a different month for our honeymoon; we want to go right after our wedding.

We want something relaxing but also with some activities we can do or places to explore. For example, we went to the Turks and Caicos earlier this year and it was beautiful and amazing, but for our honeymoon we would want a place that is more developed and has more than only beach activities (we did do other things like touring North and Middle Caicos, but in general TCI is mainly a flat beachy area). We still want a beach! Just not only beaches.

We don't need crazy nightlife, because he doesn't drink at all and I don't drink much.

We would like to go outside of the US.

My fiancé doesn't handle the heat very well, so we wouldn't want to go to a place that is always 95+ degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

We don't want to go to Iceland because July is the worst month to try to see the Northern Lights and we would rather go there when we have a chance at seeing them.

We do not want to go anywhere that we wouldn't be welcome going to if we were a same-sex couple.

We were thinking of Spain, particularly around Salou, but we aren't sure how crowded it can be in July?

We thought of Puerto Rico but are worried if it would be too rainy or if there would be a risk of a hurricane.

We also thought of Tahiti, but are not sure if there would be enough to do.

Any suggestions?


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