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Honeymoon locations that balance adventure with history/culture?

Exactly what the title says.

I prefer to travel to places where I can visit museums, old churches/temples/mosques, markets, and historic ruins. I love walking around an old city just taking it in as well. I love Europe and would also really like to travel to southeast Asia and some places in the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco etc.) for the same reasons.

My partner is all about adventure- scuba diving, hiking, ziplining, that kind of thing. His biggest travel dreams are to swim with sharks, see the Great Barrier Reef and the Northern Lights, and climb an active volcano. I have no objection to any of these things, to be clear. I enjoy that stuff as well; I just like historical/cultural trips a bit more, and would choose that probably eight times out of ten.

Are there any locations you can think of where we could have both of those experiences?

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