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Honeymoon March or July 2023

My wife and I got married in October and are finally planning our honeymoon. Some details:

  • We'd be flying out of LAX or Burbank
  • We're thinking either March or July 2023
  • We're thinking 10 days
  • We're still figuring out our budget, but I will say we have no problem going to a location in the off season or staying in a cheaper hotel to spend more on food and experiences, for example.
  • Some places we're interested in going are Italy, Greece, or France (we've been to Paris, so other parts).
  • Things we love to do: go to museums and see art/interesting architecture, eat delicious things, drink nice wine and beer, walk around places, and hike. Good transport a plus, but not a need.
  • Things we're less interested in: sitting on the beach or shopping.

TLDR; You have 10 days in either Italy, Greece, or France (besides Paris). What are you doing?

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