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Honeymoon – November end to Early December – 2024 – Europe

My fiance and I are getting married in mid November and we are planning our honeymoon in Europe.

  • Flying out of India
  • 10 to 12 days
  • Northern Lights are a must (so thinking of 4-5 days in Finland/Norway) as the solar activities are at peak till Sept 24.
  • Planning to keep the Nordic country in the 2nd leg, December start as more winter means better lights (are we wrong here?)
  • Don't want to pack too many things in this short duration, hence planning only 2 countries. One out of Finland or Norway is definite.
  • Don't want to loose too much daylight as we would like to explore instead of stay in hotels.
  • The Nordic country is going to be too chilly, most likely snow also. Hoping to visit a country where it's not too cold in November end.
  • Italy looks suitable. I've heard Amalfi coast is too beautiful. Rome, Florence, Venice. Does this looks doable in 5-7 days? Places which are a must visit?
  • Anything we can improve in here?
  • Are we late in planning?

Happy to take any suggestions.

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