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Honeymoon options with good COVID protection and low planning (I.e all inclusive or cruise type deal)

We’re looking for something in the last two weeks to see of June 2022. We kept putting off booking anything bc covid is so unpredictable.

First we were thinking a cruise around Italy/Greece (ideal bc beautiful, low stress/planning, and still fun activities), but this seems a lot of risk with covid bc of the history of cruises, and not knowing what we’d do if we tested positive and couldn’t fly back right away.

Then we thought Hawaii bc it’s domestic and less risk with travel issues bc we’re vaccinated. We’ve never been and it looks amazing. But it would be a lot of planning and I’m already maxed out on this from the wedding so I planning a whole vacation sounds beyond overwhelming.

And now we’ve stumbled onto all inclusive resorts like Sandals because they seem to have this amazing covid proof insurance that just feels super reassuring. Kind of cruise like but less excursions, but without risk of being trapped on a boat. Only I’ve never looked into this before and am a little overwhelmed by the options.

I know Sandals seems most expensive and is partly paying the name, but is it also actually the nicest? Are there other places that are equal/nicer with similar protections?

We want something that isn’t super crowded, has fun activities, and budget of like 6-8k.

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