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Honeymoon plan feedback

Hi All! My Fiancé and I are getting married at the end of June next year, planning to take our honeymoon right after for about two weeks which would be around the first few weeks of July. My Fiancé had never been much of a traveler until he met me and now he’s stoked to go on a big trip and really adamant about doing more then one country (since he never got that travel experience before meeting I get It , I already have been to multiple countries in the EU so I don’t care as much about that)

Since we’re going in July, we’d like to plan places that aren’t too insanely packed (like not Amalfi) and also not insanely hot. After doing some research I’m thinking of the following options, any feedback/thoughts on these?

Option 1 4 days in Dolomites Night in Venice train or quick flight to either Vienna or Munich/Salzburg

Option 2 3 nights in Lake Como 2 nights in Milan Fly to Munich (or another area of germany open to recommendations)

Option 3 4 nights in Dolomites 1-2 nights in Venice 3-4 nights in Croatia

We’ve noodled in figuring out how to include Tuscany into one of these plans but aren’t sure it’s doable if we want to do a different country

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