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Honeymoon Planning Advice – New Zealand November 2019

Hello there! My future wife (24) and I (28) plan to visit New Zealand for our honeymoon this fall after our wedding. Our wedding is on October 13th, but we won't be going on the honeymoon until after the weekend of October 25th. We've both decided we'd like to do a campervan trip throughout the north and south islands, driving one way and then flying home. We need a few bits of advice to help us finalize our decision.

1) What's the cheapest avenue to book flights? Does it matter more to do rountrip from the same airport in New Zealand or is it fine to fly in at one end of the country and fly out from the other? Either way we'd only have enough time (2 weeks) to drive the van one way, so we'd be paying the tone-way drop off fee regardless.

2) Any advice for how to book tickets for events and such? We have made a spreadsheet summarizing things we've found interesting (see below). We plan on doing 3-5 large/expensive excursions/events and filling the rest of the time with scenery and local culture.

3) There are a few musts for us: Rotorua, Hobbitton, and a helicopter ride to see glaciers

4) Our budget is $7,000-10,000. We assume flights will be the biggest hit.

We were thinking about possibly being in New Zealand for Halloween as well since it's my favorite holiday. We'd heard that it's kind of a big holiday over there but let us know if we are wrong.

Any and all help or advice you can provide us would be really appreciated! We're feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to figure everything out.


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